Red Note
Purple Note
Green Note
Orange Note

Each of the Coconuts songs was designed with a specific purpose in mind, whether it be warming up for an active day, playing games, acting and performing, transitioning from outside to inside, cleaning up, or settling down. Having children take on creative movements and dance to music enables integration of sensory, cognitive and motor functioning with self-esteem and body awareness.

The album can be used in the classroom in accordance with Ontario Elementary School curriculum’s DPA (Daily Physical Activity) initiative. The songs are filled with lively beats and lyrics to get kids moving with creativity and fun.

There are also 3 transition songs included:

  • Math Transition
  • 4 Chord Transition
  • Lullaby

These songs can be used to develop smooth routine transitions throughout the day, in the classroom or at home. 4 Chord Transition and Lullaby are perfect for calming children down after recess or physical activity, creating a focused state of mind required for learning.

Get moving with The Coconuts!